Thursday, September 17, 2009

Blogs TK!

Sorry for the lack of posts this month. I very much want to take this blog seriously and update regularly, yet sometimes my 8-5:00 gets in the way, as does the ol’ social life. Hope to write up some delicious dinners very soon: Dinosaur Bar-B-Q in Harlem, Morton’s Steakhouse in White Plains. I also did a cursory visit to NEO World Bistro and Sushi Bar in Mount Kisco and posted a quick ditty on a Chowhound thread, but hope to re-visit the restaurant and do a longer entry on the blog. Also, Eileen’s been twisting my arm (ha!) for another fine dining experience in Manhattan. So that’s coming up, too.

In the meantime: just got back from an impromptu girls-night-out at The Cookery in Dobbs Ferry, and it is still on over there. As Victoria Beckham would say, it’s “mayjah.” The crostino is still superb (better than Locanda Verde’s), the pasta is still homemade and decadent, the specials are creative and seasonal. Tonight, there was a smoky rigatoni with butternut squash and ricotta cheese that made me want to apprentice for Chef Dave DiBari just so I could have easy access to this dish. In addition, there was a pizzette with figs, prosciutto and fontina, quite possibly the most wonderful combination in the world. A sinfully decadent Banana Nutella Martini accompanied (and surpassed) already delicious desserts. “I love this place,” I declared to my girlfriends, over and over and over.

Yesterday, I was treated to a real treashah! in Irvington: Broadway Grill, a local dive bar serving up the best sweet potato fries I’ve had, and some really flavorful burgers. I don’t recall the name of the burger I liked most, but there was Cajun seasoning in the patty, and they piled coleslaw on top. The bun was nice and toasted, but all I could think was, “Why don’t more places put coleslaw on burgers?” Thanks, hot scientist: it was a good find.

Finally, I know I promised a while back that I would be blogging my thoughts on Top Chef this season. This hasn’t happened yet. I’ve just been short on time. Also, I’m completely intimidated to say anything when Max Silvestri is covering it so eloquently and hilariously on Eater. I read his stuff, laugh until everything hurts, then scratch my head and wonder if there’s anything left to say...

...other than Top 3 are of course: Bryan, Jen and Kevin. (Brother Mike V. could sneak in if anyone effs up.)

So that’s it. Hope to get cracking this weekend on some outstanding entries.

The Cookery
39 Chestnut Street
Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522
(914) 305-2336

Broadway Grill
8 S Broadway # A
Irvington, NY 10533-2291
(914) 478-1583


  1. I ABSOLUTELY have been twisting Sharon's arm for another, long over-due dining excursion! We've yet to decide on a place but it'll be one of the best 'Cheap Eats' as decided by the food gurus of NY Magazine.
    Stay tuned!!

  2. The cole slaw burger at the Irvington Grill is called the El Blanco and it is certainly a must have for any burger connoisseur.