Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Good Life Goes on Vacation!

Photo credit by Sir William

Can you guess where I’m going based on that beauuuutiful picture taken by my ultra-talented brother, Billy Bob? (Hint: it’s not heaven.)

It’s Acadia National Park, Maine!

I’m leaving this Saturday (August 8th) and will be away from my computer (no blogs, no tweets) for about a week, but before I go, I’m hoping you all can recommend some great places to eat in Bar Harbor or even the drive up/down. Just comment below. I would be particularly indebted to those who pointed me in the very specific direction of a worthy lobster roll, fresh oysters, or fried full-bellied clams.

I’m bringing my camera, so when I return, I hope to share my finds with you, and catch up on some outstanding reports I’ve yet to blog about: a great pork chop recipe from the Babbo cookbook, what to do with blackcurrants (and the answer is not “put them in the garbage”), and dinner with my foodie soulmate Youngchae at Soho hotspot Locanda Verde.

I appreciate your suggestions, and your comments in general!


  1. Hey! check out my blog entries about Acadia! It's my favorite place in Maine!




    I can't advise you on restaurants because most times we go we bring a picnic lunch, as it's a day trip for us. But make sure you drive to the top of Cadillac Mountain. The view is breath-taking!

    Have a great trip!
    from a Mainah! Enjoy your lobstah!

  2. Wow, that pic is a beauty... looks like artistry runs in the family! Have fun in Maine! =)

  3. It's too late for me to advise, but I am partial to barnacle billy's (original) in ogunquit.

  4. You're not too late, Nancy. I'm leaving this coming Saturday - keep the suggestions coming!

  5. Local Favorite for my Mainiac family:

    Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound - Get lobster any way you like it (cooked in ocean water last I knew). Then take it south, 1/4 mile, across the bridge to a park on the left. It gets you off of RT 3, there are picnic tables and a great view of the ocean. Hopefully you hit it at high tide or the smell may be coastal!