Thursday, June 11, 2009

Gremlins in the Machine

Hello? ... is this thing on?

My computer has been experiencing technical problems. The really bad kind that make everything go haywire. Hoping to have it repaired this weekend. Bear with me while I iron out the kinks, and thanks in advance for visiting my site. Google Analytics has been showing some real promising, growing numbers for a blog that only began this year! I really appreciate your visits!

In the meantime, see that "What's New" widget on the right? That's my Twitter feed. That's... not growing. If you enjoy what you read here, and are looking for additional updates, go on ahead and Follow Me! Why tweet? There are plenty of great people who are tweeting valuable and entertaining foodie news: Liz Johnson from Small Bites (small_bites), the Amateur Gourmet (amateurgourmet (my favorite--he is hilarious)), Michael Ruhlman (ruhlman), Ruth Reichl (ruthreichl), Amanda Hesser (amandahesser), Carol Blymire (CarolBlymire), Grant Achatz (gachatz)... I also enjoy Foodimentary (Foodimentary), which offers some really helpful and informative food trivia. Why else would you tweet? It's plain good clean fun!

Thanks for your patience while I tend to my broken computer.

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